As technology evolves, there are multitudes of possibilities that unveil before us. One such accomplishment in the tech domain is the advent of Cloud computing. The cloud expertise has made the most working process simpler, accessibility much more effortless, sharing, storing, and privacy better.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing…

In this blog, I will go through the whole process of creating a machine learning model on the divorce predictors dataset. It provides information on the divorce prediction.

The Dataset

The Dataset is from UCIMachinelearning and it provides you all the relevant information needed for the prediction of Divorce. It contains 54…

Firstly….What Is A Web Series?

A Web Series is general in episodic form, and it is a series of scripted or non-scripted videos released on the Internet. It can be watched on a range of platforms, including desktop, laptops, mobile phones etc.

The Spot, or, was the first episodic online story, and the first…

Gaurav Sethi

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